Founder of Earth Angels Fund releasing new book showcasing the positive impact of emerging  Regenerative Living Technologies
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Stacey Murphy is an award winning serial entrepreneur, Environmental Blockchain Expert, and the Founder of Rainbow Spiderwebs, the think tank that helps mission driven organizations reach the 2030 U.N. climate initiatives with emerging technology.

Her experience starting BK Farmyards, a decentralized urban farming network in Brooklyn, led her to consult start-ups using blockchain technology to incentivize clean air, clean water, regenerative agriculture and sustainable living for the planet. Her upcoming book Valuable: How Nature Backed Blockchain “Saves the Planet” helps organizations transition with ease into a brand new era of the internet.

Stacey has been featured in Fast Company, New York Magazine, NY Times, BBC, Good, Martha Stewart Radio, David Letterman, PBS, and two TEDx talks on the future of food.

My mission is spread JOY for a technological future inspired by the abundance of nature. 
Stacey Murphy

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