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Climate change is the biggest opportunity for evolution because it involves all of us.
Clear vision illuminates the path
Stacey Murphy


Embrace the Infinity of You

You’ve never done anything like this before.
Your vision seems really big.
But that doesn’t matter.


Consider this: Velcro was inspired by a guy walking his dog when burrs stuck to his pants. Velcro is now a $2.4 Billion market helping billions of people in simple ways.


Allow Dreaming Earth to be your guide

Your Vision Quest is the Portal to the Future

You’ll receive: 

One-pager that summarizes your project or purpose.

Pitch deck for potential team and investors and how to share it.

The words you need for your website and social media to attract ideal partners and customers.

Your project featured in Dreaming Earth book, on upcoming podcast, in online articles and on TV segments.

How to wave your magic wand to effectively receive what you want.

The New Earth is created from JOY, together in community. Let’s play.

What People Are Saying…

“Spending time with Stacey is like having your jumper cables connected to love, she recalibrates me. I’m in touch with more love when I’m around her.”
John Robinson
Founder, Backup CEO

“She is not waiting around for the mainstream institutions of the world to solve our problems for us!”
Elizabeth Thompson
Director, Buckminster Fuller Institute

“I feel like I have a secret weapon on my team, Stacey is a business ninja in my back pocket.”
Lee Jagger
CEO, Rock the Bedroom

Choose Your Own Vision Quest

This is an energetic adventure

Playful Six-Week Online Quest guiding you to a clear vision that attracts your ideal team, resources and investors. Quest includes educational tools, videos, group coaching and collaboration… including Mad Libs, Scavenger Hunts, Game Shows and Pitch Contests.

Blow your heart open! Everything in the Breezy Vision Quest, PLUS in-person adventure with the gray whales in Baja, Mexico. Housing and transportation included, snacks on the boats covered, airfare and meals not included. 

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About Your Guide

Stacey Murphy is an award winning serial entrepreneur, impact investor, and is the Founder of Dreaming Earth, the New Earth Incubator that helps businesses create systems that exceed the 2030 U.N. climate initiatives.

She has built and sold two businesses. Her experience starting BK Farmyards, a decentralized urban farming network in Brooklyn, led her to consult start-ups using leading edge technology to incentivize clean air, clean water, regenerative agriculture and sustainable living for the planet.

Stacey has been featured in Fast Company, New York Magazine, New York Times, BBC, Good, Martha Stewart Radio, David Letterman, PBS and two TEDx talks on the future of food.

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Join the collective and get inspired: